Past Travels

Fayetteville 2022

Rally began on April 20 and ended on the 24th. Weather was great. Attendance was light. A lot of our members were heading for family gatherings. New members Gary and Tina were welcomed to the group. The Fayetteville Campground and Resort has made some improvements since we were there last time notably the kitchen, that was a great asset. Jan and Dave Fowler organized and the rest of us just pitched in. Food was great and we did get in a few games of cornhole.

Past Travels

Fall Rally 2021

What will be the final Fall Rally at Effingham SC was trult a great rally. Atendance was light becuse a lot of our members were traveling in the West. here were 8 RVs and about 18 members. Weather was great and it was fun for all. Anne and Linda did a great job planning and we all pitched in the make it work. As usual food was great.

We had bonfires every night until we all drifted off the our RVs.

The usual get togethers during the day. The dogs ran free.

Thanks to Linda Johnson for planning a service to inter her Dad’s ashes with his wifes grave site. It was a great ceremony. We are all looking forward to our next rally at Hideaway in December.