Future Events

September Rally at Palmetto Cove

Palmetto Cove RV Park

This Rally is coming up make reservations as noted below soon.

Sept 21st thru 25th

Cleveland, SC

Host: Tom & Robbi Perry, Greg & Maretta Garveys

This will be the steps to sign up for the Sept 21st thru 25th,. The campground wants a list of who will be attending the rally first. Note: not our thoughts but this is the campgrounds policy for large groups. We have done this before for other campgrounds.On or before Sept 1st 2022

Please send an email or text to Robbi (dgrobbi@gmail.com) or call 210-317-9084, telling her that you will be attending, along with the # of people, size of RV vehicle, plus 30-amp or 50-amp service required.

 When Robbi announces we’re ready, with CP information   Note we will put out another notice informing you the campground has your information, and you must call the RV park to confirm and pay for your reservation.

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