Looking for Rally Hosts

                                                                                             Its Rally Time





We will be starting a new year for the Carolina Pelicans. One of the important parts of our group is our Rallies. It’s important that we fill these obligations so our chapter continues to prosper.

It isn’t hard, and we set the events up with a host, plus a co-host. What I would like, is to have a fairly new member be the host and have one of the (co-host) be a member who has run a rally before.

Our chapter has five (5) rally’s a year: April:   open

June:   open

Sept   GEAR 27th thru Oct 3rd Lewisburg ,WV *

Oct:  filled       ( West )

Dec:   filled       (Esposito)

  • In addition to the above our Chapter supports the Information & Registration desk at the Greater Eastern Area Rally (GEAR) Oct


I hope that you all consider doing one of these open events, please contact be at

lmuller43@aol.com or 914-456-5043


Rally Master

Linda Kolfrat

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