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10th Annual Billups Rally October 24-28,2018

To all Pelicans –

Those of you who were not at the Billups Rally this weekend missed a great rally.  A big thank you to Bob Billups, Linda and Ken Johnson and Eileen and Joe Lenz for all of their hard work preparing for the rally and of course during the rally and clean up.  There were so many of you who also pitched in and helped, thank you. This is a huge undertaking and we so appreciate it, sadly this will be our last year at the Billups, after hosting for ten years they have decided it is now time to pass the baton.  But have no fear we will find another location for an October rally.

We had 26 coaches, some sunshine, some rain, great food, lively entertainment and most of all just a wonderful time to get together and visit.



Photos from the Billups Rally 2018


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